The Bird.

quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012

The necklace of nonsense.

Knife in the darkness, cold and deadly but
Nothing around, just empty eyes looking
A porcelain face, doll pale mask like a
Violent storm, dust in the wind singing
Enchanted silent ghosts, sweet little memories
Of a haunted mind, sugary madness
From my bloody nightmares, rats and rats in my
Hair and my tea, dancing and dancing they are
Everywhere, I’m alone in the air, don’t let me fall
Asleep, save me from my dreams, I can hear
Rat’s lullaby, dead poet’s voices, telling and telling me
Their dirty acid truth, how couldn’t I see? Honey,
Save me from myself, I’m falling on my ink tears.

2010, aula de Física.

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